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My name is Henry Schütt. I am 32 years old, and I come from Hamburg. As a passionate web designer I have been entrusted with the technical and creative development of professional internet sites. I work for the direkt gruppe GmbH.

My current scope of work implies the planning and realisation of complex web sites. The systematic use of modern standards and sophisticated technologies has ensured that I am in the position to offer wide variety of currently applicable online disciplines. I completed my vocational training as an IT specialist in the field of system integration in summer 2005. During my training, I specialised in LAN and WAN technologies.

Henry Schütt The Hamburg Chamber of Commerce proposed that I should participate in the German pre-contest for the international skills festival Web Designs in 2004. I came out as winner and qualified for the international skills festival which was held in Helsinki in 2005.

The World Skills united almost 700 young people from 38 countries in the Helsinki trade fair centre. They contested in 39 different disciplines to make out the world champion. In the Web Design Skill Contest I had to compete against representatives from 17 countries such as China, France, Korea, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Portugal, Iran, Australia, Canada and Singapore. I achieved 515 credits and I got the fourth place.

If you want to get a little impression on the international skills festival, you are invited to visit my Fotostrecke. On 15 May 2006, the German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel welcomed the German contesters, experts and their advisors to her office.

Empfang Kanzleramt I voluntarily joined the Federal Armed Forces in January 2006 and served as I Pionier at the barracks in Gera. I left the army after a nine months term of service and was discharged with honours.

Since November 2007 I have been volunteering for the protection of nature and as a campaign worker in Hamburg.

If you haven’t got your own or your business web site, please ask for my services. I go in for quality and attach great importance to complying with standards and general branch-specific requirements. Clearly structured and user friendly sites as well as coherent contents make a web site attractive and successful. A web site should help you to generate additional income.